Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Slim Down Review

26 11 2010

As I finish each Beachbody workout and diet plan, I will write full reviews.  I am not an employee or contractor of any kind for Beachbody, but I have explicitly followed their plans and I will write about my personal experiences with their programs.  My results may not be typical.  This is the first review.

The Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Slim Down diet and exercise plan claims users can lose up to 10 pounds and 3 inches off their waists in just the six days it takes to complete the plan.  The 6 Day Slim Down is a combination of a protein-heavy meal plan and alternating Hip Hop Abs workout videos designed to target the waist and abs area.  Here is a break down of each part of the plan, my impressions, and how it worked for me in my busy life.

6 Day Slim Down Eating Plan

The eating plan for this quick start diet eliminates all carbohydrates for the entire six days.  The literature does make clear that this is to be used for only six days and a long term eating plan needs to include complex healthy carbs.  I appreciated that was included since a lot of the “fad” diets just cut carbs and convince people that eating carbs is wrong, when it is absolutely necessary to keep the body healthy.  The diet plan included a lean protein at just about every meal, but varied between types like chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese to name a few.  The meals themselves had recipes that met the calorie requirements that were at least slightly different each day for a little bit of variety.  Although the plan was only six days, some recipes were repeated and every day had a different type of salad for lunch, so it could be considered repetitive.  I, personally, don’t like seafood or mushrooms, so I substituted and it didn’t seem to affect my results in any way.  It did, however, make it even more repetitive since I found myself eating chicken pretty much every night.

It wasn’t too hard to fit the 6 Day Slim Down diet plan into my busy life.  It did require a little pre-planning and shopping more often for the fresh foods that would spoil easier than the processed frozen foods I normally buy.  I packed my lunches at night for the next day, so they were ready to go.  I also had to change around the order of some snacks, because I just didn’t have time to make a shake or eat some of the snacks between classes in the morning.  These slight modifications didn’t seem to affect the results.

Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio

Shaun T is a high energy hip hop choreographer who drives the Hip Hop Abs videos.  He loves to lift up his shirt and show off his abs, and talk about his abs, and say the word abs a lot.  In fact, he just likes to talk a lot.  He doesn’t stop talking the whole workout.  I don’t mind this at all, but I can see how some people may get annoyed with him easily.  There is an option to make the music louder when the DVD starts and that way you only hear the music and not Shaun T. Perhaps the best part of the Hip Hop Abs videos are the counters at the bottom of the screen.  There is a countdown clock for the entire video and also one for that particular part of the routine so you can really push yourself if there are only a few seconds left before a short “march in place” break.  It seemed to make time go by a lot faster to see how much was left.  One of Shaun T’s crew, Tonya, is also in both videos to keep doing the low impact version of the moves for beginners.

The Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio workout is about 30 minutes long, including warm up and cool down.  Shaun T and his crew break down all the moves at a slower pace before bringing it up to tempo, so the routine is easy to pick up.  The moves aren’t much different than your typical aerobics video, so even people with little rhythm should be able to do them.  However, it does become more challenging to incorporate Shaun T’s “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” method of standing abs into all the moves like he does.  That, of course, is the hallmark of the Hip Hop Abs and just doing the moves without the “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” will reduce results.

As a dance team coach, I really enjoyed the high energy and some of the moves of the videos.  I was a bit disappointed that the moves were actually more like an aerobics video than a dance routine, but there were a few moves that were fun that could be put into a dance routine.  Overall, I really liked the Hip Hop Fat Burning Cardio video.

Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn

The second video in the rotation for the Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Slim Down is the Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn.  This routine is a bit longer at about 40 minutes and includes weight training intervals along with some cardio.  It also works all muscle groups in the body.  I found it more challenging than the Fat Burning Cardio because I’m terribly out of shape and I’ve never had a lot of upper body strength.  In fact, I found, at first, I could not do the entire video as instructed and had to march in place while Shaun T and his crew finished the reps.  By the end of the six days, though, I did push through and finished all the reps in the video without stopping, so I know I was getting stronger.  I, personally, did not use weights, but instead kept it low impact.  It would probably take me a couple of weeks to work up to using weights.  In fact, I found myself following the low impact routines with Tonya, rather than always following Shaun T.  I am sure with more time, I could do the high impact routines.


As promised, I lost up to 10 pounds (I lost 7.5 pounds) and 3 inches off my waist (I lost 2 1/2 inches) on the Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Slim Down.  I can see a difference in the shape of my body and the way my clothes fit in just that short amount of time (you can see my before and after pictures here).  It was an easy eating plan to follow for the six days and the Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio and Total Body Burn were easy to follow and challenging enough for me.  People in better shape with less weight to lose may not see as dramatic results as I did, but if they follow the plan and the high impact videos, they will still get a good workout.  I totally recommend the Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Slim Down as a jump start to a healthy eating and workout lifestyle.

If you have any questions for me, hit the comments.  If you want to order your own Hip Hop Abs DVDs and 6 Day Slim Down plan, you can order at http://www.beachbodycoach.com/Heather903




18 responses

25 04 2011

I just bought Hip Hop Abs off Amazon and it only came with the DVDS and i didnt receive the actual diet plan. If you could tell me what it is or what foods i should eat, that would be very much appriciated.

23 05 2011

Hi! Where would I be able to get a copy of the 6 day slim down and the results on the run diet guide?

Thank you

28 05 2011

The only way to get the 6 Day Slim Down is to buy the Hip Hop Abs through a BeachBody Coach. Amazon and Ebay copies will not have it. If you want to order the program, you can do so through http://www.beachbodycoach.com/Heather903

20 07 2011

I don’t have it yet but im thinking about getting it so i will look awesome before school. I have been doing the comercial for 2 weeks lol.but thx for the post.:)

20 07 2011

i have been doing the comercial and no change lol

20 07 2011

Scratch the first 1

11 09 2011

Well I guess I’ll try to do it even though its kinda hard to do and boring, well not hard but my shoulders hurt as hell and cant do the steps right, but ill get used to it even though ill do the exercises I wont follow the diet plan because I don’t have the correct food.

10 11 2011
Ty Bolton

Losing weight is never easy, but programs like this make it much simpler.

19 01 2012

Awesome review! I am on day 4 of this meal plan (can’t do the exercise due to foot surgery) and it’s been great. The first day was a bit hard as I was used to eating such big portions but it quicky got easier by the second day. Lost 4lb so far, hopefully I can lose a few more pounds by the end of the plan. More than anything this plan reminded how easy to incorporate more vegitables in my diet. I will continue to make healthier choice even when I’m done. 🙂

29 05 2012

Great reviews and good job on your progress! Thank you!

1 03 2013

Thank you for your post. Me and my girlfriend were (are?) out of shape and with mine and her schedule, we just didn’t have the time to work out. So we made some time during our jobs (we work at home) and take about an hour each night out of our schedules to dedicate to this video. We have been doing Hip Hop Abs for 5 days and everything you say is true: Shaun is a bit annoying but funny, so we do listen to him. The moves are weird. I won’t do it in front of anyone but her. They can get tiring and sometimes the moves are way too fast and I find myself trying to catch up.

We both definitely feel better. We feel better about ourselves. I think it’s improved our relationship and made us both happier since we are doing something together. I find myself with a lot more energy than she does. But she’s getting there. I’m not much of a dancer, and love the aerobics exercise much more than the dance moves. She loves the dance moves more than the aerobics exercise. So you can say, there is a little something for both of us. And it’s just finding the balance and working together, teaching each other the moves, and even being patient, sometimes rewinding certain parts or pausing them to practice a few extra minutes. It also helps for me to watch her and imitate her moves.

The only thing, as you said too, is that I find it hard to “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” throughout the entire hour. Some routines it’s not hard to do, while others just make you wonder how the heck Shaun and the crew are doing it (Obviously they are all in shape), but it’s like you have to pretty much make and keep your mind aware of the routine while doing the other routines so it’s automatic. We haven’t gotten that crazy yet.

Thank you for posting pictures of yourself. That definitely takes courage. I saw the difference .. your tummy certainly look more defined and your stomach looks more trimmed. So great job and keep it up!

We appreciate you taking the time to post about your experience.

20 03 2013

I just got my full hip hop abs today and i was skeptical about the 6 day plan, now that i see it actually works I am going to try it..thank you for this review

7 04 2013

I think you lose your objectivity when you become a beach body coach – since you do get benefits (like money back when certain number of people order products through your link). You should probably be more upfront and honest about that.

7 04 2013

When I did the Hip Hop Abs 6 Day Challenge, I was not a BeachBody coach. I became a coach after it worked and I wanted the discount on Shakeology and other workout programs (I did not earn any money off of being a BeachBody coach because you really need coaches under you to do that and I am not a salesperson). I am no longer a coach and I still stand by my results from this program as the pictures show.

24 04 2013

Hello! I am using the hip hop abs workout for about two weeks now and I wondered if you can post the meal plan. Thanks

10 02 2014


Thank you for posting these results. When I opened up the six day slimdown, I kind of “psh”ed at it, and pushed it to the side. I lost motivation to work out at all, and hip hop abs has been gathering dust while I bloat up like a balloon. You have instilled my motivation — I’m gunna do it! 🙂

Thanks again!

16 03 2014

I recently bought hip hop abs and I am starting the 6 day slim down tomorrow and I wanted to know if I can replace the shakeology with the naked juice and replace the nuts with granola or something. Will I get the same results?

30 06 2014
Kara Totten

Hi I just got the Hip Hop Abs complete set on Sunday. I am a little confused on the whole nutrition eating plan. I do have two little ones, so I know that pushes my workout routine a little bit, but can someone please help me out, thank you.

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